Buy Soundcloud Followers

SoundCloud is one of the most reputed platforms that every musician would hake to be associated with. This music promotional social media has made it quite easy for the musicians to share their piece of art with the world. It is a place not just for the musicians and singers, even music producers, DJs etc can be on SoundCloud.

A music producer makes albums, searches for talented musicians etc. If you buy Soundcloud  followers, you can shorten the whole promotion process.An artist is someone who is talented, while it takes a music producer to invest in their money to create an album and produce a quality product. However, good music and good product ion does not make your music reach the masses and audience at large. There is one more important criterion in today’s competitive world that plays a huge role in the success of a music album. Attracting people to listen to your music is very important as well. (more…)

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V-MAC II 2 Diesel Truck Engine

Now that you’ve heard thc physical argument for the E7, the technological side just gets more powerful. Officially, Mack’s system of Truck Management And Control (V-MAC II) is a fully electronic network of sensors and actuators that monitor and control vital engine functions, enhance driver effectiveness, and record trip data. Unofficially, it’s known as “that little black box that saves my (bottom line).” You can also check some used trucks (diesel) on sale on this website.
As the electronic “brains” of the Mack engine, V-MAC II is smarter than the rest. It improves the original engine control and data-logging capabilities of the V-MAC diesel truck system. (more…)

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State senators can divert K-12 funds to other projects

MONTGOMERY — Even as lawmakers scramble to find $160 million for education, a little-known fund that appears to support K-12 schools has instead paid for a secretary in the two-year college athletic conference and for other projects picked by senators.

Some say such non-classroom spending from the state’s education budget amounts to poor policy and even deception in a time when taxpayer-supported allowances for legislators are the exception rather than the rule nationwide. (more…)

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‘Justice League’ goes wide on TV

This week as I looked at the new “Justice League” show, I realized widescreen video now is mainstream.

For years I’ve embraced the widescreen-at-home concept, seeking out “letterboxed” movies on TV and video. The black bars you get at the top and bottom of your TV set in this format are necessary to ensure wide compositions by movie directors aren’t butchered when shown on squarish TVs. You see, most theatrical movies of the past 50 years have a wider shape than most TV screens. That means broadcasters and video publishers must either cut off up to 40 percent of the picture or “letterbox,” meaning a movie won’t fill the screen to its top and bottom. (more…)

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Profile in courage

When Robbie Nabors was diagnosed with dystonia she wanted to find out as much information as she could about the disease.

The Mobile woman hooked up with the national Dystonia Medical Research Foundation in Chicago, seeking information on the neurological disorder that inflicts an estimated 250,000 Americans.

The Dystonia Foundation wanted something, too.

They asked Nabors to be the support group leader for the Mobile area. (more…)

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A sour note: Too few church organists

The pipe organ still reigns supreme in church music for Southside Baptist Church organist Ted Tibbs, professor of music at Samford University since 1959.

He proudly shows off the majestic pipes that loom over the Southside Baptist sanctuary, then skillfully flips the stops and pumps the pedals to send out the elegant strains of a Bach composition. But over the past three decades, Tibbs has watched as the electronic age shifted preferences in church music away from his favored instrument. (more…)

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